DEWALT DWE5010 Hammer Drill review

Hammer drills are very essential in the work of construction, building and home improvement. These can drill into solid surfaces such as tile and concrete. You can also use them to put or remove screws.

There are many hammer drills in the market today. With so much choices, how can you choose the right one? Well, one of the ways you can find your ideal hammer drill is by looking at the brand.

Find the brand with long-standing prominence and high-performing product lines.

One of the oldest and most popular brands is DeWalt. DeWalt is a powerhouse of the power tool industry. It has been a strong household name since Raymond DeWalt founded it in 1924 in Pennsylvania. Their first product was an electric universal woodworking machine known as the DeWalt “Wonder-Worker,” which could be configured in 9 different ways.

Since then, DeWalt has helped millions of workers and industries to cope with ever growing demands for construction, building, crafting and home improvement. In the 1940s, they worked with the US government to meet demands in connection with national defense and wartime machinery requirements.

It was in 1992 that DeWalt started producing tools for the individual worker. They introduced their first line of portable electric power tools and accessories designed specifically for residential contractors, remodelers, and professional woodworkers. Just two years later, they kickstarted the cordless revolution through their cordless tools, including drill/drivers, screwdrivers, impact drivers, impact wrench, saws, flashlights, and the first combination drill/driver/hammer drill.

DeWalt has received several accolades for its work, particularly in its award-winning high-performance power tools. It has led innovations in the industry such as:

  • SHOCKS – Active Vibration Control® – reduces vibration by up to 50 percent ij rotary
  • 12V MAX* system of lithium ion tools designed to incorporate comfort and compact design with the power and industry-leading features contractors need on the jobsite. Metal Cutting Diamond Blades – The Diamond Edge provides 100x the life vs. standard DEWALT chop saw blade.
  • Tool-Connect™ – allows users with Bluetooth®-enabled batteries to connect and track their tools from anywhere with real-time updates from the field.
  • FLEXVOLT® – the world’s first battery that automatically changes voltage when the user changes tools, offering both increased power and runtime for the jobsite.
  • XP™ Tape Measure – features an impact resistant case, high-carbon steel, fully coated blade, and reinforced three-rivet fastened hook.
  • DEWALT BREAKAWAY™ Reciprocating Saw Blades – allows workers to break away the used section and reinsert the unused blade section into the saw. This got the prestigious Power Tool Innovation Award.

Since 1924, DEWALT designs and optimize professional tools to help workers work most productively in all jobsite conditions. They have the GUARANTEED TOUGH® seal of confidence.

About the DEWALT DWE5010

The DEWALT DWE5010 is a powerful hammer drill that runs on a 7.0 Amp motor that for consistently high performance and optimal overload protection. With its dual mode, you can seamlessly use it as either a hammer drill or standard drill to work on many different tasks.

When you invest in this tool, you also benefit from its variable speed transmission that allows for more accuracy, increased motor life, and durability.

It is built compact and ergonomic with a lightweight 5.4 frame and durable materials. Aside from this, you also get fine-tuned control and versatility from the 360-degree side handle with depth rod.

Designed with DEWALT’s time-honed experience of top-quality tool manufacturing, the DWE5010 is a heavy hitter in the hammer drills market. This is especially handy for heavy-duty home improvement tasks.

Features of the DEWALT DWE5010

  • Ergonomic design: The DEWALT DWE5010 hammer drill is lightweight and compact at 5.4 pounds. Other helpful features that optimize a worker’s control include the rotating 360-degree side handle with depth rod for stability, versatility and increased depth accuracy, accessible two-finger rubber trigger button and lock-on function for free control of the machine during repetitive tasks.
  • Powerful 7.0 amp motor: This provides for high performance and overload protection. This also produces high speed to bore the holes in many materials from wood to masonry.
  • Dual mode: hammer drill/drill for wood, steel, or masonry
  • Variable speed: This enables precise hole placement on the work surface. With the fluctuating speed, you can also set the precise speed adjustments to match up with your work speed and get accurate outcomes.
  • Easy bit changes: With the clasp key, you can quickly swap the bits of your DWE5010 based on the task/s you want to do.

What we liked about the DEWALT DWE5010

  • Ergonomic lightweight design makes it very easy to use
  • Powerful motor for max torque.
  • Variable speed
  • Works for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Can smoothly run through the bricks and cement.
  • Free of vibrations

What we disliked about the DEWALT DWE5010

  • No magnetic base to store extra bits.
  • Problematic chuck key
  • No electric brakes for safety.


When it comes to power tools, DEWALT is the brand that professionals go for most often. They are historically ingrained in the success and high points of innovation in many industries.

Milwaukee produces some of the finest on the market. They are an industry leader and a household name for their efficient tools.

The DEWALT DWE5010 is one of their bestselling hammer drills. It runs with a powerful motor to drive high-speed drilling in dual modes at the user’s desired speed. What it makes it even more user-friendly is its lightweight design and two-finger, rubber trigger.

This hammer drill is great for professionals, DIYers and home owners because it is built with the DEWALT Guaranteed Tough quality. It is made for heavy-duty tasks.

Some negatives to this tool are its lack of storage for screw bits, finicky chuck, and no electric brakes. If you have any concerns about this tool, you can take advantage of DEWALT’s 90-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year free service contract, and a 3-year limited warranty.

All in all, if you need an incredible machine that can do your drilling tasks efficiently, invest in the DEWALT DWE5010 hammer drill. This is great for everyone from homeowners to professional contractors.

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