GALAX PRO GP57325 Hammer Drill review

Looking for a good drilling tool that will last long with consistently high performance? But one that won’t break the bank?

It can be overwhelming, given the wide plethora of drilling tools from many different brand names.

Don’t worry, we at Let’s Drill Up will help you find your ideal hammer drill. one way to do is to browse the Amazon bestsellers’ list for Hammer Drills. Here the hammer drills are the best in reviews, sales and brand reputation.

One of the bestselling affordable hammer drills on Amazon is the GALAX PRO Hammer Drill.

About the GALAX PRO GP57325 Hammer Drill


The GALAX PRO GP57325 hammer drill is a strong, powerful tool that can tackle both hard surfaces like concrete, metal, stone, and bricks and softer materials such wood, rubber, or plastic surfaces. This lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed drill is very user-friendly even at long tasks. What makes it even valued is its quiet operations while running a maximum speed of 3000RPM.

With its in-built depth gauge, you can drill through various depths of materials. It is even made more efficient with the locking buttons that control speeds for different, repetitive tasks.

Read on to find out the features that make the GALAX PRO hammer drill great for workers, aside from its affordable price tag.

Features of the GALAX PRO GP57325 Hammer Drill

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Weighing just 4.2 pounds with an ergonomic design and even more soft grip, this tool gives you maximum handling and control. Its compact design of makes it very user-friendly, even working at tight spaces. It even comes with a 360° auxiliary ergonomic handle with anti-slip function.

DUAL FUNCTION: This coded drill has hammer function, so it is called hammer drill and both impact drill. You can easily switch the button on the top to select hammer and drilling functions; Hammer function for drilling on concrete and drilling function for drilling holes on steel plates and wood.

The rapid hammer action makes light work of even the toughest materials including masonry, wood, metal, plasterboard, plastics, concrete and breeze blocks.

The quick and easy forward and reverse rotation function also makes this tool perfect for screwdriving. Using drilling function.

HIGH-PERFORMING DRILLING CAPACITY: This hammer drill is powered by a 4.5A motor, making it suitable for home drilling tasks into a variety of materials, such as wood, metal or plastic with a no load speed of 3000 rpm. Its max drilling capacities are: Wood – 25 mm, steel – 13 mm and concrete – 13 mm

FINE DRILLING PARTS: With the built-in depth gauge, you can determine exactly how deep the bit should go to meet the individual requirements of the task.

Second, the ½ inch keyed clasp allows you to change drill bits as each task necessitates.

The lock-on button gives the user the option to keep the machine continually running when doing repetitive operations. This hammer drill features lock on button for better comfort.

The GALAX PRO corded drill’s speed control trigger allows the user to vary the motor speed from zero to maximum using the trigger switch. More pressure you give, more cutting speed it has. Electronic speed control enables sensitive adjustment, not the variable speed it is.

It also boasts the following specs:

Voltage: 120V/50HZ

Chuck Capacity: 1/2”(13mm)

Power Input: 4.5 Amps

Max Watts Out: 500 watts

No Load Speed: 0-3,000 rpm

Max. Drilling Capacity: Wood 25 mm, Steel 13 mm, Concrete 13 mm

Spindle Thread: 1/2-inch

Included Components:

1* GALAX PRO GP57325 4.5A Hammer Drill;

1* Side Handle with Depth Gauge;

1* chuck key;

1* Depth Gauge;

1* User Manual;

1* Warranty Card, 24-month Warranty

What we liked about the GALAX PRO GP57325 Hammer Drill 

  • High-performing motor
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Ample Torque.
  • Compatible with many drill bits
  • Fine Speed Locking system
  • can drill through multiple surfaces
  • Sturdy chuck
  • Very affordable

What we disliked about the GALAX PRO GP57325 Hammer Drill 

  • Not for heavy-duty use
  • Doesn’t work on reinforced concrete


Need a good hammer drill? Don’t worry, you need to cough up a fortune just to get an efficient tool.

There are many affordable, effective drilling tools in the market today. One way to find them is through the Amazon’s bestsellers list.

One such affordable hammer drill is the GALAX PRO GP57325 Hammer Drill. This is great for DIYers, homeowners, and workers because it can drill with high capacity. This lightweight and ergonomically designed drill comes with several features that help you be more productive in various work tasks. These include a lock button, speed locking system and chuck key.

The only downsides of this drill is it’s not good for reinforced concrete and heavy-duty tasks. Still, this is an amazing hammer drill that can deliver you consistently high outputs for every task you put it through.

The cherry on top is the strong two-year service warranty from GALAX PRO. Their customer service is a stellar, customer-oriented team.

To learn more about hammer drills, visit Let’ We offer to guide you through learning about hammer drills from how-to guides to product reviews. Feel free to express your thoughts in the Comments section.

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