Makita XT335S Cordless 3-Pc. Combo Kit review

Looking for a good drilling tool that will last long with consistently high performance?

It can be overwhelming, given the wide plethora of drilling tools from many different brand names.

One way to find your ideal tool is to look at the brand.

Find the brand with long-standing prominence and high-performing product lines.

One of the oldest and most prominent power tool brands is Makita. Makita Corporation began in 1915 as an electric motor sales and repair company. Since then, they have established themselves as a global brand in over 40 countries. They are industry leaders in technological innovations for the power tool industry, producing top quality products at 10 plants operating in 8 countries.

The high quality of Makita products comes from the brilliant minds of the company’s strong R&D team. This team constantly delivers powerful, high-performance and durable products for workers worldwide.

Makita’s industry-leading innovations include:

Brushless Tool

Makita first developed brushless motor fastening tools in 2004 for the defense and aerospace industries. Engineered for extended run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life, the Makita brushless motor was ideal for precision assembly applications. This technology was put into contractor tools in 2009 with the industry’s first 18V brushless motor impact driver.


Makita created the 18V Lithium-Ion category in 2005, and currently they have the world’s largest cordless tool line-up powered by an 18V slide-style battery. This 18V lineup provides workers with more power, longer run time and superior ergonomics.

Star Protection Computer Controls™

Makita cordless tools are engineered for industrial applications, and for added protection during the most demanding jobs Makita created STAR Protection Computer Controls™. STAR is communications technology that monitors conditions during use, allowing the tool and battery to exchange data to protect against overloading, overdischarging and overheating. If STAR detects conditions that threaten to overload, overdischarge or overheat the tool or battery, the tool will automatically stop. This helps the worker stop and inspect their tool to see which issues need fixing.

One of the great drilling tools worth looking into in Makita’s hammer drills lineup is the Makita XT335S Combo Kit.

About the Makita XT335S Hammer Drill

Makita XT335S

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless 3-piece Combo kit (model XT335S) is a multi-purpose tool: two efficient Brushless tools for drilling, driving, and fastening in one design. This is a very efficient cordless tool, powered by fast-charging Lithium-Ion batteries and Makita’s patented 18V LXT system.

The Makita XT335S also runs with an efficient Brushless motor that delivers 440 in. lbs. of max torque, a variable speed ½” driver-drill with two speed settings, and a variable speed impact driver with a full 1, 500 inch-pounds of max torque. With this power and efficient speed, you can put this tool through heavy-duty tasks.

Another thing that makes this Makita Combo Kit very popular and highly rated among workers is its luminescent flashlight – a single Xenon bulb that provides 180 lumens. This makes your work visible while working even at night or dark locations, so it definitely reduces risk of accidents.

The Makita XT335S is very efficient in drilling, fastening, and driving bolts, nuts, and screws into the required places.

Features of the Makita XT335S  Hammer Drill

Built tough and durable

The Makita XT335S is ergonomically designed with tough materials for effortless working and time-tested durability. What makes it very tough for any work environment is the patented Extreme Protection Technology (XPT). The XPT is a series of protective seals inside the tool designed to push dust, debris and water away from the tool’s internal components. 

efficient brushless motor

Makita equips the XT335S with an efficient brushless motor. This is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy use for up to 50 percent longer run time per charge. It also eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life

All together, Makita’s patented BL Brushless motor efficiently uses energy to match torque and RPM to whatever task you want to use it on.

variable speed

The Makita XT335S works with variable speed in such specs:

  • Variable 2 speed 1/2 inches Driver Drill (0 to 500 & 0 to 1, 900 RPM) with BL Brushless motor delivers 440 inch pounds of max torque; weighs only 3.6 pounds with battery
  • Variable speed impact driver (0 to 3, 400 RPM & 0 to 3, 600 IPM) with BL Brushless motor delivers 1, 500 inch pounds of max torque; Weighs only 3.3 pounds with battery

visibility with flashlight

The flashlight – a luminiscent single xenon bulb – gives you all the extra visibility you need to get accurate results at work. It can deliver up to 180 lumens. The light head can be adjusted so that it shines where you need it.

And when it needs replacing, take advantage of the extra bulb that comes in the kit.

long-lasting battery

The best quality of Makita cordless tools are its long-lasting batteries. This is a fast-charging battery, usually at max 45 minutes charging time. They are extremely easy to install and remove – built in the slide style design.

The Makita XT335S also features an integrated L.E.D. battery charge level indicator. This button can just be pressed to show how much life is left on the battery. Workers love this feature because you no longer need to worry over running out of power in the middle of the project unawares.

Note: Only use genuine Makita batteries and chargers.

It also boasts the following specs:

Item Weight: 11.9 pounds

Product Dimensions: 9.8 x 14.8 x 10.04 inches

Material: Plastic

Power Source: Battery-powered

Voltage: 18 volts

Wattage: 54 watts

Warranty Description: Limited warranty on battery, charger, and tool for three years

What we liked about the Makita XT335S 

  • Multi-purpose
  • Impressive torque
  • Built with XPT protection
  • Dual speed
  • Efficient brushless motor
  • Helpful flashlight
  • Excellent battery life

What we disliked about the Makita XT335S 

  • no hard case
  • not LED light


Makita has been a prominent leader in the power tool industry. One of their crowning glories is cordless power tools lineup which work efficiently and last longer than their other contemporaries. Workers worldwide from the US to the Philippines enjoy using Makita’s high-performing tools.

The Makita XT335S Combo Kit is great for workers because it is basically 3 different tools along with charger in one kit. Among its many advantages are its ergonomic design, bright flashlight, efficient brushless motor and long-lasting battery.

All in all, this is a powerful set of tools that will work great for everyone from beginners, DIYers to builders and construction professionals. This will pay for itself many times over the course of working lifetime.

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