Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Driver Review

Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Driver Review

The Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel Hammer Drill/Driver is indeed a beast offering excellent speed and powerful performance. So, if you’re on the lookout for a power-packed tool for your toolkit, then you should definitely consider the Milwaukee M18 hammer drill.

Started in the year 1924, Milwaukee is among the most innovative manufacturers of power tools and accessories in the world. Milwaukee is into designing and engineering of hand tools, power tools, industrial equipment and accessories.

Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Driver Head

The brand is extremely popular with electricians, builders, plumbers, homeowners and DIYers and the brand is especially renowned for their impact drivers and cordless drills.

About The Product

The Milwaukee M18 hammer drill is a tool that is an absolute “must have” in every professional’s toolbox. The Milwaukee Fuel hammer drill is among the most powerful tools in its category; however, for the power that the hammer drill offers, it is surprisingly compact and easy to handle.

The hammer drill features a Powerstate brushless motor that offers a torque of 1,200 inch-lbs and considerably fast drilling speed of around 2,000 RPM. Features of the Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Driver:

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    Maximum torque: 1200 in-lbs
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    Maximum RPM: 2000 RPM
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    BPM: 32,000
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    Weight: 4.56 lbs
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    ½” metal ratcheting chuck
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    Powerstate brushless motor
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    Redlink Plus Intelligence technology
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    Auxiliary side handle for better control
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    Redlithium battery

The brushless motor of the hammer drill delivers a very powerful performance, a long runtime and the best part is that since it does not contain any carbon brushes, which usually wear out with usage and need replacement, the motor does not require a lot of maintenance.

The M18 hammer drill has a ratcheting chuck made of metal, which ensures maximum grip, bit retention and durability.

The Redlink Plus Intelligence feature of the hammer drill/driver ensures that the tool delivers optimum performance and also prevents overloading, overheating and over-discharging. The M18 drill is equipped with a Redlithium battery pack which offers longer runtime per charge.

The Milwaukee M18 hammer drill/driver is among the most compact drills in its class and measures only 7.75-inches in length, which allows you to use the drill/driver very easily in tight spaces and also allows usage for prolonged periods of time without any user fatigue.

Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Driver Power Button

The M18 drill/driver is equipped with a short auxiliary handle, which despite being shorter than other models is quite comfortable. You can also use the tool without the auxiliary handle also.

Nevertheless, it is always recommended that you use the auxiliary handle while operating the drill/driver, as it is much safer and reduces the chances of injury due to kickback and the handle also allows you to control the drill/driver better.

What We Liked

The Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Driver has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 Stars on Amazon and around 77% of the buyers have given the product a 5-star rating. The drill/driver has received many positive reviews from customers who have bought and used the product.

Buyers who bought the Milwaukee M18 claimed that the tool had excellent torque and works well for jobs requiring drilling into concrete blocks. Users said that the hammer drill is quite powerful for a cordless drill and worked very smoothly.

Customers felt that the weight of the M18 can be handled quite easily for work that is at shoulder level. Users said that if the drill is used with a 5.0-Amp battery, it provides a long runtime per charge. Customers love that the motor of the drill/driver is brushless and they don’t have to replace the brushes when they wear out.

Customers described the Milwaukee M18 as “having lots of power in a small package”, “a workhorse” and “a beast.” Users found the hammer drill drive to be a perfect tool that is quite easy to use and said that they would highly recommend the product. Buyers also felt that the M18 is a fantastic product at a very affordable price.

Customers were extremely happy with the high-quality and design of the Milwaukee M18 hammer drill/driver and users said that it was a great tool for projects around the home like drilling ice holes during winter, drilling pocket holes, driving screws, etc.

What To Look Out For

Most buyers had problems with the chuck on the tool. Users felt that the chuck has a design flaw and sometimes is very tight and extremely hard to undo. The chuck seizes and gets jammed making it very hard to remove the drill bit and you may need to use pliers to take out the bit. Some users also complained that the chuck did not tighten properly and the bits fall out.

Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Driver


Buyers felt that the weight of the hammer drill/driver may make overhead jobs challenging to handle for long periods of time. Customers felt that the Milwaukee hammer/drill is not suitable for fine woodworking jobs. Also, they feel that the tool does not offer the power as per the rating.

Buying Advice

You can buy the “Amazon Choice” Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Driver conveniently online on Amazon for just under $130.

The Verdict

Although the Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill/Driver comes only as a bare tool and you need to buy the batteries separately, the excellent performance, power and speed offered by the hammer drill/driver makes it an excellent tool for all your heavy-duty jobs and drill through tough materials like masonry and concrete.

So, whether you’re a homeowner and you need a hammer drill/driver for all your repair and maintenance work around your home or if you’re a professional doing heavy-duty jobs, the cordless M18 hammer drill driver is a great buy.

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