Ryobi P1813 Hammer Drill Review

Whenever my DIY subscribers ask me about what they should be looking for when shopping for a new drill, I always tell them to consider investing in a drill with hammering capability–a hammer drill, in other words. While a hammer drill is generally pricier than a regular drill, it excels in a few more applications–most especially in drilling masonry–where the hammer function is necessary. The added cost of a hammer drill is money well spent–it’s going to save you lots of time and work, making the extra cost of the tool. If you decide to skip the hammer functionality and buy opt for a more traditional drill–you can be all but certain that you would find yourself needing a hammer drill sooner than later. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Ryobi’s One+ Brushless Hammer Drill offering: Ryobi P1813 hammer drill. 


Specs Overview 

If you have any prior experience with a Ryobi drill, you would know they are reliable drills. That said, most of the previous drill offering of the company lack that premium feel and raw power of a tough drill. The Ryobi P1813 has been specifically engineered to address this issue. While Ryobi P1813 is still is a hammer drill offering primarily aimed at the home improvement enthusiast, there have been a lot of small contractors who use Ryobi tools on site. When asks why, a good number of these professional ultimately give the same few reasons along the lines of–first, you can get at any Home Depot, so it’s convenient; second,  Ryobi tools don’t cost you an arm and a leg so if someone takes off with your tools, it doesn’t string as much. 

At the moment you pick up the Ryobi P1813,, you can tell that this  isn’t some lightweight hammer drill.  This is a premium feeling piece of equipment with good weight to it–and it ultimately feels like it can take a good and hard beating. For weekend home improvement warrior, the Ryobi P1813 is probably all the hammer drill you will ever need. 

The Ryobi P1813 brushless hammer drill packs up to 750 in-lbs. of torque –making this Ryobi offering more powerful than a lot of consumer drills in the market. 750 in-lbs. of torque is an impressive number even for makes and models of high torque drills. If this was a couple of years back ago this drill would have been among the very best high torque drills available. In fact, the Ryobi P1813 punches a meaner punch than a lot of professional cordless drills in the market–delivering 24,000 BPM in hammer mode.  

The Ryobi P1813 hammer drill is powered by a brushless motor that operates with less internal friction than their brushed counterparts. What this means for the user of the tool is that you have in your hand a hammer drill has more power, longer run time, and longer lifespan. 

The Ryobi P1813 hammer drill is equipped with 18V/4.0Ah batteries that provide more than enough runtime even for the most demanding home improvement projects. Additionally, The Ryobi P1813 hammer drill features a rapid charger which possible a 30-minute quick charge. This makes needing a spare battery a thing of the past. You don’t even have to charge for a full half hour, if your tool runs out of juice and you have drill out just a few more holes–then you could just charge for just 5 minutes. 

The Ryobi P1813 hammer drill is designed in such a way that its side handle is reversible to accommodate both left- and right-handed users. Among other worthy features of the The Ryobi P1813 hammer drill include: a LED light for better low light visibility, magnetic tray for fasteners and drive bits, and 24 clutch set points engineered to prevent over-driving when working with softer materials. 



The Ryobi P1813 brushless hammer drill is the perfect drill for anyone–amateur and professionals alike–who are looking for a solid drill that packs a lot of power and performance. It is especially right for the home improvement DIYers who is looking to buy a drill for the first time. Our recommendation–skip buying the regular drill altogether and invest in this hammer drill unit. For only, $129, The Ryobi P1813 brushless hammer drill is every bit the hammer drill that value-oriented handy man can ask for.  





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