Tacklife PID01A Hammer Drill Review

When it comes to working in the building, construction and home improvement industry, you need the right tools to succeed in every task. One of the essential tools of the trade is a hammer drill. With this, you can drill into solid surfaces such as tile and concrete. You can also use it to put or remove screws.

Looking for a good hammer drill that won’t break the bank?

It can be overwhelming, given the wide plethora of hammer drills from many different brand names.

While it’s great to invest in a good hammer drill for your work, such a tool doesn’t need to set you back an arm and a leg.

One of the best brands for affordable drilling tools is Tacklife. Even if it is one of the newest on the market, it has earned a spot in bestsellers list in Amazon and other online marketplaces. It also has made many workers happy with high-quality power tools that work efficiently at the faction of the cost.

Tacklife is founded in 2015 with a team of 10 passionate people. Throughout Tacklife’s history, they’ve always improved through listening to user feedback. In fact, customer needs have inspired this five-year-strong brand to make a wide range of products from Power Tools to Gardening and more.

Tacklife makes high-performing handheld power tools for the budget-oriented users out there. Their line of power tools, including hammer drills, is renowned to be cost-efficient, and extremely useful in the field or at your workshop.

They have a “professional products monitoring team” that focuses on every single detail that matters to the worker and develop well-made, portable, efficient products. Aside from this, their service team upholds their solid product warranty through the following functions:

  • 24 Hours Fast response
  • 30 Days Money Back – You could return your undamaged product and packaging within 30 days of purchase.
  • 24 Month Warranty from date of purchase.
  • Lifetime Technical Support – Tacklife offers basic technical support over the lifetime of your piece of gear.

Above all, Tacklife’s best selling point is its attractive prices. They offer high-performing tools that everyone can readily get, especially beginners, DIYers and homeowners.

Currently Tacklife offers six ranges of products within Test,Measure&Inspect, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Automotive Tools, Lawn&Garden, and Home Appliances.

About the Tacklife PID01A Hammer Drill

Tacklife excels in creating high-quality tools at an affordable price tag. The Tacklife PID01A Hammer Drill certainly doesn’t disappoint budget-friendly workers.

Tacklife PID01A Hammer Drill

This 1/2-inch hammer drill is a corded power tool that runs on a pure copper motor of 6Amp. This enables drilling work, rotating speed up to 2800rpm per minute. You can better control the speed for different tasks with the speed control trigger. Then the speed is maintained through a lock-on button that prevents fatigue for the worker.

With the Tacklife PID01A, you can drill on concrete and bore holes in steel, wood and masonry. But not work on reinforced concrete walls because it doesn’t have an anti-kickback protection.

The Tacklife PID01A comes with 12 drill bits for various drilling tasks in different materials.

Features of the Tacklife PID01A Hammer Drill

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Weighing just 5.5 lbs, you can use this effortlessly for long drilling tasks. The compact design of this hammer drill enables comfortable use and allows access to tight spaces. It also has a 360-degree side assist handle for easily controlled, accurate drilling. Plus, a metal chuck for changing drill bits fast and easily – works with 1/2”(13mm) drill bits.
  • DUAL FUNCTION – HAMMER & DRILL: Switch the orange button on the top to select hammer or drilling function by your tasks; drilling function for drilling holes on steel plates and wood, hammer function provides greater impact to make the drilling task more efficient and simple on wall and masonry.

The pure copper 6.0 amp motor creates up to 30% extra power when drilling or chipping steel, concrete, and other dense materials. One issue with this powerful motor is the tendency of overheating. If this happens, just leave the hammer drill alone for 5 minutes before resuming work.

Equipped with a variable-speed trigger and variable-speed knob, you’re able to set a suitable speed of the hammer drill for different tasks from 0-2800rpm. No more fatigue in long tasks because of the Lock-on button. Forward & reverse switch make convenient the task to tighten or loosen screws.

It also boasts the following specs and components:

  • Twist drills for steel plate(mm):5/6/8
  • Construction drills for cement(mm):5/6/8
  • Woodworking flat drill: for wood
  • Woodworking round hole drill(mm):19/22/28/32/38
  • RPM, Max:  2800
  • Weight (lbs): 4.3
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (in): 10.2 x 2.6 x 7.5
  • Tacklife PID01A 6.0 Amp Hammer Drill comes with:
  • 12 Drill Bits For Extensive Application
  • 1 Side Handle with Depth Gauge
  • 1 360° Side Handle
  • 1 Chuck Key
  • User Manual

What we liked about the Tacklife PID01A

  • Dual-mode operation
  • Depth gauge
  • Adjustable grip handle
  • Drill attachments are included
  • Roomy and sturdy storage bag
  • Very Affordable.

What we disliked about the Tacklife PID01A

  • Key chuck
  • Tends to heat up during long tasks
  • can’t be used in reinforced concrete walls.


When it comes to hammer drills, corded models are the most preferred. They offer more power and longevity in performance. But that doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your wallet to get a good corded hammer drill.

Tacklife offers a great affordable hammer drill in the PID01A. this lightweight compact two-function tool is great for DIYers, entry-level workers and homeowners. It can work magic in any drilling and chipping task, bar on reinforced concrete.

But some things to watch out in this hammer drill is its problematic chuck and tendency to overheat during long tasks. In this regard, you don’t have to worry a lot because Tacklife’s customer service is stellar, easy to work with and very prompt.

All in all, if you’re looking for a great budget-friendly hammer drill, the Tacklife PID01A Hammer Drill is the one for you. It’s a bestseller that pays for itself many times over the course of your work. This is the best under-$100 hammer drill in the market.

To learn more about hammer drills, visit Let’sDrillUp.com. We offer to guide you through learning about hammer drills from how-to guides to product reviews. Feel free to express your thoughts in the Comments section.

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